Friday, August 05, 2011

Holy crap, one against many

The scores for this year's KoreLogic Crack Me If You Can contest are up and it appears that teams with multiple people and systems have a slight advantage....

The top 4 teams:
74766 8D65BF65887D65A9 Hashcat
50155 CCDE2FAB9599C0A6 Insidepro team 2011
45187 7D47E99A316E29D7 john-users
24687 889DCCAD7B08FD12 bindshell-dot-nl

Where am I in all of this?
4447 EC952A038CB3ECB4

That's about what I expected. I'm only one person with a small spattering of machines at my disposal. With 121,614 hashes to crack of 20 different hash types you have to be smart. Brute force will only get you so far and so far that's mostly what I've been doing: finding the commonality amongst the easy-to-crack so, time permitting, the bigger scoring hashes can be cracked.

Honestly I only have a few hours of free time left so I'll probably pick a few high scoring hash types and let the permutation of the wordlist run for a bit.

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