Sunday, September 10, 2006

More Karma and MadWifi-NG

Nothing much has come out of the Karma duo since January of 2006 but a lot of us still use this tool when doing wireless assessments or penetration tests. I previously posted the patches (in gentoo package format) to get the MadWifi-NG drivers to work with Karma and AirCrack-NG. What I sheepishly forgot to do was test the actual applications! Whoops!

A few tweaks here and there and a patch was born! There are still things I want to do with this, as well as finish a front-end GUI to track collection and do some active scanning after a device connects. Probably another few days and that will be finished.

So what does the patch do? Here's a brief README, but in general:
  • All Modules: timestamps on output
  • AccessPoint: MAC Randomization is now optional
  • AccessPoint: MadWifi-NG support added
  • Dhcp: Giving DNS servers is now optional
  • Dhcp: Giving a Default route is now optional
Does it still work? Ummm, yeah.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Madwifi (NG), Karma and AirCrack

As promised, here are my ebuilds for gentoo to support the Atheros madwifi drivers with support for Karma and AirCrack-NG. Both old-style Madwifi and Madwifi-NG versions in case you like to use the older drivers.
I run my laptop with this patched madwifi-NG version all the time and haven't had any problems that I know of. Of course if things DO freak out I keep the distfiles around so I can just emerge -C madwifi-ng-karma and emerge -av madwifi-ng .. rmmod ath_pci; modprobe -a ath_pci and i'm back in business.

Gentoo really is a hackers linux distro.

madwifi-ng, aircrack, karma and gentoo

Here I am listening to the PaulDotCom dot com dor cum podcast and they're talk about getting Karma working on Ubuntu with the old Madwifi driver. I've been doing Karma walkarounds ever since I saw the presentation at CanSec'05 but have been holding on to a gentoo portage overlay package for some reason.

gg and I also gave a presentation to BayLISA but never got to show the full power because some laptops of our host received some judicious karma and we were asked to cut it short. :(

If I get some time I'll put together the Madwifi-old package and get back to work on getting Madwifi-NG to successfully compile and work. In addition the driver will also be patched for AirCrack-NG.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

SNMP Spooooofing

I spent part of the day refining and testing out a little perl script. If you have a few preliminary bits of information it's possible to force a download of Cisco IOS router configs. There are a few more parts that have to align correctly but I'll clean up the code, grab a few screenshots and such. Nothing shatteringly new as I also found an old SNMP patch to do source spoofing as published in Phrack ... Unfortunately the patch was for a very old version of ucd-snmp so converting it to net-snmp is on my TODO list.

The perl script is just cooler. :)