Wednesday, September 06, 2006

madwifi-ng, aircrack, karma and gentoo

Here I am listening to the PaulDotCom dot com dor cum podcast and they're talk about getting Karma working on Ubuntu with the old Madwifi driver. I've been doing Karma walkarounds ever since I saw the presentation at CanSec'05 but have been holding on to a gentoo portage overlay package for some reason.

gg and I also gave a presentation to BayLISA but never got to show the full power because some laptops of our host received some judicious karma and we were asked to cut it short. :(

If I get some time I'll put together the Madwifi-old package and get back to work on getting Madwifi-NG to successfully compile and work. In addition the driver will also be patched for AirCrack-NG.

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