Sunday, September 10, 2006

More Karma and MadWifi-NG

Nothing much has come out of the Karma duo since January of 2006 but a lot of us still use this tool when doing wireless assessments or penetration tests. I previously posted the patches (in gentoo package format) to get the MadWifi-NG drivers to work with Karma and AirCrack-NG. What I sheepishly forgot to do was test the actual applications! Whoops!

A few tweaks here and there and a patch was born! There are still things I want to do with this, as well as finish a front-end GUI to track collection and do some active scanning after a device connects. Probably another few days and that will be finished.

So what does the patch do? Here's a brief README, but in general:
  • All Modules: timestamps on output
  • AccessPoint: MAC Randomization is now optional
  • AccessPoint: MadWifi-NG support added
  • Dhcp: Giving DNS servers is now optional
  • Dhcp: Giving a Default route is now optional
Does it still work? Ummm, yeah.

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