Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Intel ISACA Intel ISACA Inside

In today's San Francisco Chronicle, David Lazarus writes on how Intel protects its trademarked name. I found it funny in relation to my friend's little ISACA episode I posted about. While I can understand that a company has to be vigilant with ensuring somebody isn't devaluing their name or causing consumer confusion but some things are just a little too surreal.

In this case Intel is saying a woman whose business is selling houses in the VA/DC/MD area can't use the name "IntelAgent" because it would like cause confusion. Their option was to use "IntelliAgent" since the intent was to combine the words "Intelligent" and "Agent" together - IntelAgent!

Of course "IntelliAgent" works if you're from the south where extra syllables (syl-ah-buhls) are added willy-nilly. IntelliAgent (in-tell-ee-ah-gent), "I is intelliagent."

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